Usages :

"Krishna" I DN TOPS are used to provide safety to a wide range of Domestic and Industrial equipments. A short Ilst of typical application are listed below :

  • Water Pumps
  • Shaded Pole Motors.
  • Permanent Split Capacitor motors.
  • Automotive Accessory Motors
  • Electrical Ballast for fluorescent Lights
  • Washing Machines.
  • Vacuum Cleaners.
  • Automotive accessory motors, solenoids. & PC boards
  • Dish Washers.
  • Hair dryers.
  • Coffee Makers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Room Coolers
  • Transformers 3 Electrical Regulators.
  • Battery Packs
  • And others as per your custom design and applications

Key Features :
  • Miniature in Size.
  • Individually temperature calibrated and tested
  • Positive Snap action disk for contact break & make.
  • Auto reset type.
  • Nide range of current & Temperature settings for maximum design flexibility.
  • Sealed encbsures suitable for Impregnation process (Oil & Water resistance).
  • Temperature settings as per customer's specifications.
  • Opening (cut off) temperature is constant within +_ 5°C.
  • Cadmium free contacts

Product Certification:
Agency File Number Standard Number Application
UL E205975 2111 Motor Protection
SEMKO (CB SCHEME) SE48232 EN 60730-2-2 Motor Protection
EN 60730-2-3 Ballast Protection
EN 60730-2-9 Thermal Cut-Out

Configuration :

From the following steps, you can select and configure the "KRISHNA" 1 DN TOP that's suitable for your application.

Select the right "Krishna" bimetal. The performance of TOP is dependent upon the applied current. Where if the temperature rise is less than 2°C per second. use low resistance bimetal. If the temperature rise is 2°C - 5°C per second, use high resistance bimetal. If the rate of temperature rise exceeds 5°C per second. contact our qualified QC staff for technical assistance. Use the following curves to determine which "Krishna" 1 DN standard TOP will trip In the manner required for your application.


Quality :

"Krishna" I DN TOP are automatically assembled, calibrated and rigorously tested on modem, custom designed computerized test equipments with the applications of Statistical Quality Control (SQC) system. As Inputs to this quality monitoring system, the TOPS undergo twelve different quality checks.

Important :

The above Information will enable you to select the correct "Krishna" 1 DN TOP lUndly fill up the enclosed, Sample Request Form and return the same to enable us to send samples for your evaluation and approval. For any further assistance. please contact our R & D Department.