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"Krishna" I DN Single phase Thermal Overload Protectors (TOP) provides complete protection to your electrical equipments against over heating due to over current, fluctuating voltage. overload conditions and mechanical malfunctions. They are auto reset type, which Is a proven performer in Protection Technology. They are made to protect your equipments and appliances from fire & damage. They also provide safety to the user. They are Electro Mechanical type. Miniature In design. Accurate. Reliable & Cost effective.

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KRISHNA Group of Companies

Continental Controls Ltd. is a part of the “KRISHNA” Group of Companies. The company is Promoted by a Technopreneur with a business experience of more than 35 years. We are engaged in the Manufacturing of Thermal Overload Protectors which are used in Appliances & Pump Motors, Ballasts and Air Conditioner & Refrigerator Compressor Motors using high-end Technology.Our state-of-the-art plant is siutated at Vasai, a suburb of Mumbai and conform to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

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I DN Single phase Thermal Overload Protectors

"Krishna" I DN TOPS are used to provide safety to a wide range of Domestic and Industrial equipments. A short list of typical application are listed below :

Water Pumps
Shaded Pole Motors.
Permanent Split Capacitor motors.
Automotive Accessory Motors
Electrical Ballast for fluorescent Lights
Washing Machines.
Vacuum Cleaners.
Automotive accessory motors, solenoids. & PC boards
Dish Washers.
Hair dryers.
Coffee Makers
Air Conditioners
Room Coolers
Transformers 3 Electrical Regulators.
Battery Packs
And others as per your custom design and applications.
Best Guardian for Appliances Guarantee Your Satisfaction & “Krishna” Protectors Play an Important Role in Making Human Life Safer and Happier...
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